Tuesday, November 1, 2011

things go bananas

banana grind

still don't know if she's goofy or regular

 the Fam...



 Some very fun places...

more bananas
people kept asking us if we used those template things to carve these. no... just no and please shut up.

trick or treat! our favorite night of the year.

the ramps the hang out for everyone

and i mean everyone...

growing right out of the street. urban gardening.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cylob Attacks

 We built a little vert extension on Sunday afternoon.... Here's my brother doing his best to avoid the the crushing claws of Cylob.

 Later Cylob, I'm outta here

 That's either a pool light floating over his claws or Cylob has taken up beach volleyball.

I like these last two shots of Robin because you can see how well he slides his back wheels out up on the wall to come straight back down. Thanks for coming down and inspiring me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 The Northwest is home to some of the worlds greatest skateparks. It seems like every podunk town has a world class bowl. Here's some I skated during my trip.

 Conveniently they are almost always located in city parks with play grounds or fields for the family to hang out in. This is me above at the PA park.

 and this is Em above at the PA playground right next door.if you look closely at the picture to the right you can see snow capped Hurricane Ridge in the background.
Emily got way more tubed then I did this trip.

 This bowl is absolutly insane and empty. Pool coping the whole way around. six foot plus shallow end. Ten foot plus deep end.

And Emily playing in the park  her Oma trying not to watch me drop into the deep end.

The Country

The marina that my family lives in is as blue collar as the peninsula it floats against. Every time I visit I have to remind my self why I left. This trip was as good as any. thanks to our friends and family who took care of us. See you this winter.

Maybe not as good as it used to be as far as wave quality, but still packs an epic sunrise. Everything changes and some things never do.

Emily loves her Uncle Michael and Uncle Mike is as uncomfortable with it as ever.

Neilwaukee would like to thank all the little people.

Thanks to Mike and Dave and Everyone else at Mervin for the tour, the shwag and the skate sesh. See you soonish.

 Our Campsite at La Push. The beach is still beautiful, but times of course, are changing and the wave quality has been rapidly decreasing due to sand dredging from the harbor in the last few years. there are still hike in options if you know where to look but our summertime haven may be seeing its "Twilight" years... get it? thanks for indulging me that one.
view from the tent.

 the local tribe once put the heads of there enemies on stakes on this island to ward off intruders.Now they sell them Vampire and Werewolf trinkets and cheap beer.  Nice little A-frame down there...

 Emily and the peanut gallery.

 Come sit down and have a beer or four.
 The northwest sometimes needs to be put into a scale we can comprehend. Here's Suzanne and Emily doing there best to do that for you.

 Eric and Loren Dukes are our good friends and take  care of us when we're there. Thanks for Everything guys we'll return the favor when you come visit us.

Final morning breakfast feast. Gotta finish up the perishables.